Witness Statements

The following comments have been made by guests at our previous Murder Mystery Events.  If you have attended an event and would like to leave us some feedback please click here

"Dear Marc I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for making the recent murder mystery weekend so enjoyable. As always it was great to see so many familiar faces; its almost like they are becoming part of an annual family reunion! My brother and I with our partners would like to congratulate everyone concerned on a fantastic performance that had vitality, dynamic energy and great humour by the bucket full.

It can’t be easy to produce roles that are improvised in such a professional way and is spontaneous depending on the audience response. You truly pulled off a masterpiece of dramatic art. The plotline for this crime thriller was engaging and enigmatic. There were plenty of red herrings and the solution was not obvious. We were still having doubts on Sunday morning!! Above all, I believe people enjoy a good murder mystery when they feel included and are kept guessing.

To single one person out from the cast - who were all outstanding - please congratulate your police sergeant (Susan) - I thought she did a brilliant job as this was her first time in the management and organisation role. Her humour is superb - she is quick witted and delivered some very funny one liners!

Much gratitude must go to you Marc for all your time and effort in writing the plot, researching so meticulously and for preparing all the resources and quizzes. It is a massive commitment and crime writing is such a demanding creative process to keep coming up with original ideas.

We all look forward to seeing you next year. I am thinking of bringing a larger group of friends as well as my brother because several people have already expressed interest in coming along next year, having heard about the fun and laughs we have had courtesy of your company. Cheers again."

- John G, on behalf of the Gibson party

"All 5 of us were new to murder mystery. We had a bloody marvellous time. The actors are brilliant and I'm not sure how they stand the constant questioning from lunatics who misheard things. I would recommend these guys to anyone. I can't wait to attend another event. Probably the most entertaining evening I've had this year!"

- Kate Philips , Sheffield

"Completely new to this, we had no idea what to expect, a great night from start to finish. Looking forward to seeing you all again, please let us have the dates as soon as you can. Job well done to all who acted."

- Joan G, Leicestershire

"Totally Brilliant night from start to finish. Had no idea what to expect but from the start we were thrown into the world of stationary! Will definitely book to come again. If you have never done this before then don't hesitate. Fab night for all ages and enjoyed by all our group. We came second which just added to a great night."

- Lucy Baldwin, Leicestershire

"As a member of the 'CRAP' team I had a great night. I sat next to Arnold and listened to his parliamentary hopes... it was hilarious especially when we realised that the acronym for his party was CRAP (hence our team name!). It was really good fun and looking forward to the next Murder Mystery at Wingerworth. Just don't make us wait too long!"

- Jane Brooker, Chesterfield

"Just got home after a fantastic murder mystery night. Had so much fun. Looking forward to the next one. Never realised murder could be such fun!!!!!!"
- Alison and Pete, Chesterfield

"Thanks for a great night - we both really enjoyed it. I'm actually a police officer and wanted you to know that the script was fabulous in that even I was kept guessing. The evidence boards and the dialogues were great. The attention to detail with red herrings and possible suspects was second to none. I even enjoyed being arrested and frisked lol- a first for me! The reason I asked what line of work you were in for a day job was because the script was very 'police like'- in a good way! We thoroughly enjoyed the night. Thank you to all the cast. Looking forward to seeing you again if we get chance"

- Sarah and Hannah

"Completely new to this! We stayed at the hotel for a conference and saw the night advertised so thought we'd sign up for something different! Absolutely loved it! Great fun and all of the actors were fabulous! Felt very cheeky, as murder mystery virgins we didn't think we'd be great but we won the anagram bit and the whole thing at the end! Would recommend this to anyone!"

- Vanda & Charlie, Newark

"We would like to say how entertaining your 'murders' were. Very constructive and kept us well informed with evidence and discussions with those involved. We have been to many a Murder Mystery event but I would say this time we enjoyed ourselves so much you should all be very proud of your skills. Thank you again for a good evening."

- Linda and John Hemmings

"Had a great weekend, this was my first murder mystery and it was more than I expected. All the cast were excellent and looking forward to doing another one soon with Murder Sleuths."
- James Gregory

"Can't wait for the next one. It has been an action packed, fun-filled weekend. With grateful thanks to you all."
- Hilary Wilson

"Great weekend - actors fab and plot very funny and interactive - thank you"
- Jo Lidster

"Fantastic weekend. Wow! surpassed all expectations. loved the quizzes - more time with the beaver! Fantastic actors, wonderful atmosphere. Very professional. The interaction was great. The plot kept us hooked and weekend. If you have never done something like this before it's brilliant fun. Thank you."

- Team Grahame - murder mystery virgins!

"Brilliant weekend. First murder mystery and will definitely do it again. Cast were excellent both in character and out. Highly recommended."
- Ryan and Nicola

"What an absolutely brilliant entertaining and fun packed weekend, with lovely interesting people. We loved it - thank you!!"
- David & Michelle

"We attended this event as a 50th birthday celebration. We dressed as 'sporty' people and had a fabulous time from when we arrived to leaving at the end of the night. The interactivity of the show was fabulous and no question was left unanswered, regardless of how bizarre it may have seemed 'Do you do clay pigeon shooting?' will now be our catchphrase!! Fabulous night - would highly recommend!!"

- Lesley, Warsop, Mansfield

"Hi Marc and team. We would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the recent murder mystery weekend. Wow!! What a truly brilliant experience! The plot was full of twists and turns that kept us guessing all the way to the end when the solution was revealed.

The script was superbly delivered with lots of humour and we particularly enjoyed the interaction with the actors. Being able to interrogate the suspects made the investigation so realistic and we all had the chance to become Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot!

The characters were brought to life by outstanding performances - in fact it was the cast that really made the weekend so different!! Bravura characterisations by Crispin, Lottie, Molly and Harriet made this an event to remember for all the right reasons.

We are certainly intent upon attending another murder mystery event as soon as possible and give this company a total 100% ringing endorsement. You will certainly not be disappointed with the superlative quality of this entertainment format. Everything about Murder Sleuths is perfection. Thank you for a sterling performance and an excellent weekend!"

- John & Diane Gibson, Long Eaton

"Dear Marc, thank you so much for my second New Year's Eve murder mystery experience. I immensely enjoyed last year and this one.

It is actually not until I had experienced this year that I have fully realised how good your team are. That sounds like a back handed complement but it is with all sincerity. Have you ever watched a film where the acting is so good that you only later realise you know the actor from a different programme. Well I had that feeling. Your team actually had new players, but also I realised that others of the cast that I thought were new had come last year - their characterisation being that good - and that different.

I also love the way you fully include everyone, last year you made sure that someone who felt anxious of conflict felt protected, this year you escorted one of our elderly guests through the crowd to ensure they could see the dead victim; just two examples of many where you fully include and interact with all the guests.

The rapturous applause that you received at the end must tell you and your team how much you are appreciated; but I so needed to write to you to tell you how marvellous your evenings are. If anyone might think that two evenings of Murder Sleuths will feel 'same old' you couldn't be more wrong.

There is the security in having a quality product; the whole cast mingling and involving all guests, but also a freshness of plot and character. Thank you so much for all of your team’s efforts."

- Katrina Ware, Bedfordshire

"What a great evening. Really, really enjoyed ourselves and had a good laugh too, many thanks."

- Colin & Sue

"A special thanks to the fabulous Murder Sleuths for delivering a fantastic murder mystery event to help us celebrate our 10 years in business. Our party theme was in honour of Halloween and your Paranormal twist certainly hit the mark. A great team; I’m sure we will use you all again."

- Lisa Gingell, Director, t-mac Technologies Ltd

"Hi Marc, Thank you so much, to you and your team, for such an enjoyable evening. Your pre-planning and communication has been super from the start and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all... I will keep you in mind for the future and pass your details on should I come across anyone looking for murder mystery in the future! It really was fantastic!"

- Helen, Aggregate Industries

"A very entertaining evening! Lots of laughter and enjoyment solving the murders. Thanks to all of the team and hope to see you again soon."
- Jackie , Leicester

"Brilliant night!! Loved it!! Can't wait to attend another one of your evenings soon."
- Amy Waller, Chesterfield

"Hi Marc, everyone absolutely loved Saturday and are still talking about how great it went.
The theatre group would like to thank you and your amazing team for a fab evening."

- Joy Russell, Harbury

"I would like to thank you and your company for a very enjoyable evening, in fact it was excellent. Everyone was taken aback by the plot and how it evolved throughout the evening. Anthony was completely surprised by it all and it’s fair to say even overwhelmed. Please convey our thanks to the cast, they were excellent!! Our guests all commented on how ingenious the plot was and the idea of a dating agency – even the children loved it. I was pleased that everyone participated as this made it easier for the night to flow. Hope we will be in a position to do another event in the near future. Once again, a big thank you to all involved."

- Lorna Prosser

"Brilliant fun, a great way to spend New Year's Eve ! Thank you"
- Liz, Bedford

"Wasn't sure what to expect but had a fab, fun filled evening. The cast were great fun and we were involved as much as we wanted to be. Please, please come back soon."

- Yvonne, Telford

"Excellent fun and really well organised and acted. Far exceeded expectations and would definitely attend again!"
- Lauren, Shropshire

"So much fun on Friday!! We will definitely do this again. Cast were fabulous and it was great value for money. Please keep doing this!"
- Kirstie and Tim, Duffield

"An excellent evening. Well acted and organised. Will certainly attend another with this company"

- Mandy and Mum, Retford Nottingham

"Excellent nights entertainment with superb interaction between characters and the audience. Our group of eight thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would definitely recommend."
- Allan Gill, Ilkeston

"Very good night, excellent acting."
- John B

"Thanks for an enjoyable evening. Looking forward to more in the future."
- Warren Foster

"Eight people came to solve a mystery, will they be right? The clues are unfolding as the night goes by, we are none the wiser as to who done it or why! Another murder has been committed, the victim was hit over the head, and no one has been convicted, as yet. We have just submitted our theory and now we must await, who is the murderer, upon the outcome rests our fate. No matter what the results are, one thing is for sure, we have had a lot of fun tonight and our mission has left us wanting more!"

- Marie Bowden

"I have now been lucky enough to attend 2 of your murder mystery events and thoroughly enjoyed the evenings. I was totally wrong but such is life. Wonderful time had by all."

- Sue, Shirebrook

"Thanks for a fantastic evening, it was a lot of fun and we had a great night - made even better by your fantastic team there."
- Steve Mills

"I'd never been to anything like this before and I loved every minute of it. The cast and plot were outstanding, every second something was happening - it really tested your little grey cells. I will definitely come to another one and I will tell everyone what a fantastic night this is! well done everyone."

- Jackie Irwin, Banbury, Oxforshire

"Having never been never been to anything like it before I wasn't sure what to expect. But I can honestly say, I had a great night, it really was good fun! Having a cast member on each table really added to the evening - thank you."

- Julie Moore, Melton Mowbray, Leics.

"Very enjoyable evening. Having a member of the cast dine at each table got us all "into" the action throughout the production....well done."

- Jayne & Paul, Chesterfield

"A group of us (6) came to your recent Murder Mystery. We had never been to an event like this before and did not know what to expect. Our whole group thoroughly enjoyed the evening, the acting was superb and the plot very interesting, I look forward to attending another event. Thank you for a great evening that we will all remember! :)"

- Jerri Fletcher, Telford

"We had a great night out at Lakeside just before Christmas many thanks to you (Marc) and your actors for a very entertaining evening."
- Angela & Stephen, Mansfield

"Hi; enjoyed Friday night. Great fun! Well done to the cast and thank you all for an enjoyable evening. Have you got any dates set up for the Christmas holiday period? Please let me know. Cheers!"

- John Marriott

"Hi Marc, it was great working with you guys. We thought it went brilliantly! Everyone enjoyed the night a lot and to date we have raised just over £1,000! Thanks for the photos – I love the ones of the bullet wound – they look so real! Take care and we will ensure we tell people about Murder Sleuths."
- Anna Hall, Staffordshire CAB

"My husband and myself went to see the 'Murder Sleuths' not knowing what to expect. We have to say we were very pleasantly surprised! The cast were very professional, witty and very very entertaining. This was our first foray into the murky world of murder with dinner and will we go and see them again, we certainly will!"

- Carol, Wolverhampton

"Had a great night in the company of Murder Sleuths. The night had laughter, drama and most importantly lots of intrigue. I haven't had so much fun in years. My friends and I have already booked to go on the next murder mystery night. I cant rate Murder Sleuths highly enough. Fantastic!"

- Sarah, Wolverhampton

"We were virgin murder mystery'ers and I have to say you set the standard, it was dramatic, it was funny and entertaining. The fact we didn’t actually know the theme beforehand actually added to the excitement as we were caught totally off guard with the dating plot, ha ha! The actor we had at our table was a very hard character to crack! Please send details of more events as it’s not so much the venue, we would just like to enjoy it all again, thanks!"

- Kayleigh

"Many thanks to the cast for a wonderful evening. The night was extremely entertaining and loads of fun."

- Michelle & Dave, Mansfield

"Both myself and my wife had a fantastic time on Friday 13th. Some of the best entertainment we've had in a long time. Many thanks, can't wait 'till you come our way again."

- David & Rosemary Mcglynn, Stone, Staffordshire

"A group of us came to your murder mystery evening. None of us really knew quite what to expect as we have never been to anything like it before. But on behalf of us all, I can honestly say, we all had a fab night, it was great fun and definitely taxed our brains! We are looking forward to the next time!"

- Heidi, Nuneaton

"Brilliant evening. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole night. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to everyone involved."
- Susanna, Wolverhampton

"Thank you very much to you and the cast for a fabulous evening. It was the first time for Keith and I and it won't be our last - we absolutely loved it. The cast were excellent and the plot was gripping. Roll on our next one please. Thank you once again for a fantastic night."
- Jan Meakin x

"Wonderful night, everyone very friendly, looking forward to doing it again. We even got the correct answer, GREAT. The food at the Rutland Arms was also fantastic, couldn't fault it."

- Kim, Chesterfield

"It was good to meet you all on Friday night. Thanks for a very enjoyable evening. If you've got any bookings within, say 25 mile radius of Hinckley/Nuneaton, could you let me know please."

- Mick Bailey

"Marc, you and your cast were brilliant. So many of those I thought wouldn't get involved did and loved it. An ex chief inspector remarked on the quality of the entertainment. You certainly did us proud and we will be in touch for more. The icing on the cake was the amount of additional support offered to the charity and not forgetting the impressive £1600 we raised. This will go towards our 5k target and will make a difference on real crime in real local communities. Thank you all once again."

- Sue, Crimestoppers Charity

"Many thanks for a lovely evening at Ringwood Hall Hotel. I may have not been too great at solving the mystery but I enjoyed it all the same!!"

- Donna (the loud one in red!)

"Cracking evening, friendly cast, superb format. We were MM virgins, but soon into the swing of things, other 'villagers' very friendly and to top it off the food was great. Many thanks, definitely be coming again."

- Phil & Sharon, Chesterfield

"We attended the murder mystery night on Friday 16th in Liecester. We were totally entertained and enjoyed it immensely. Our thanks to the cast for making it so enjoyable."
- Linda Allen, Leicester

"We had a great time and all really enjoyed the evening. Also got the murderer right! Thanks to you for putting on a good performance."
- Tracey Johnson

"Friends and I attended the murder mystery last Friday and really enjoyed the whole evening. Thanks very much."

- D Whitehead, Leicester

"Hey, great murder mystery night! We loved the Dame. What a SHAGtastic experience - just the best. Thank you, xxx."
- Jennifer, Sheffield

"Had a great night - thanks! Will come again, thanks for a great night. P.S. The Dame was a good look..."
- Annie

"I worked at one of the hotels they performed at and was waiting on during it and thought it was brilliant, I hope to go to see one and be a guest next time :D"
- Hayley Doncaster, Chesterfield

"Really good fun, the cast were friendly and great actors!"
- Becky Roden, Chesterfield

"Wow what a blast. The conception and inception was second to none. I have nothing but full admiration for the entire cast of your company; they were truly fantastic throughout the whole weekend. To stay in character for the complete weekend was inspiring, and I congratulate each and every one of you. I booked this weekend as a treat for Carole and myself as a celebration for our wedding anniversary on the Friday. I was a little apprehensive about the way the weekend would plan out, however having been given the chance to fully participate in the sleuthing activities we soon became comfortable in asking the probing and difficult questions that needed to be asked to establish the culprits. I would without hesitation recommend your company and can’t wait to do it all again in the future. Once again many thanks for a fantastic weekend."

- Phil & Carole Pringle , East Yorkshire.

"My wife booked the weekend as a surprise for my 40th birthday. I was a little apprehensive at first but I have to say we both had an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable weekend. It's hard work filtering out al the red herrings amongst the wealth of information you are faced with but great fun at the same time. I'm delighted to say we cracked the mystery and I would have no hesitancy recommending it to any of my friends. We will be going again. Massive thanks to the cast who were professional and friendly always."

- Alan & Maria Smith, Barnsley

"Thank you for a fabulous evening, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and made some new friends. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and look forward to your next visit."
- Val Morgan (Nursey), Castle Donington

"Yes, yes, yes. Came with the girls from work and was one of best nights we had in ages. Never laughed so much in yonks! A fab time with fab people and they were so genuine and chatty after the 'murder' had been solved. Thanks"

- Lisa Bend

"We had a great time on Saturday and night and look forward to the next murder mystery. Regards"
- Rick and Ang

"Hi Marc, Brilliant night, we are looking forward to coming to the next one. We await the dates."
- Gillian Mansfield

"We had lots of guests saying how much they enjoyed Friday the 13th, a cracking night from you and your cast - we’re already getting bookings for the next one..."
- Tamsin Jackson, Castle Donington

"Fantastic night! Enjoyed it all from start to finnish - will attend again. Great night!"
- Sherlie Totney, Rowley Regis

"What a fab night! Not once did the cast step out of character. Hope to see you all soon x"
- Lorraine Bunce, Dudley

"We had an amazing time. The actors were really good and we throughly enjoyed the evening."

- Lauren Thomas, Rotherham

"What a really entertaining night, I've always wanted to attend a murder mystery night - and this was very different to what i imagined - but well worth the wait. I look forward to going to another very soon."
- Steve Fisher, South Normanton

"We thoroughly enjoyed the night in Chesterfield. Please do keep me in the loop with forthcoming events in any area. I'm sure we will be attending again. Well done to you all, really enjoyable."

- Debbie Faulkner

"I had a brilliant time and I will wholeheartedly recommend Murder Sleuths to my friends."
- Katie Klaassen

"Excellent night, well done, hope to see you again soon..."
- Alec Willis

"Your murder mysteries are the best, so involved and real."
- Julie Usher, Chesterfield

"We had a fantastic night and would love to come to another of your productions. You were the inspector when we came and although we sat with the murderer all night and still got it wrong we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves....."

- Charlene Bryant

"...as for the murder mystery itself, I would appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to the cast. They were integral in making the night a really fun and engaging event that everyone enjoyed."

- Anonymous

"Aha, Inspector Crotch I presume? Thanks once again for a fab evening. My mother has been bragging to all of her work colleagues about being handcuffed! (a bit worrying actually!) Thanks once again Marc and I look forward to seeing you again. Loved the website too by the way."

- Andy Wilmore

""What a wonderful weekend! It exceeded all our expectations - organisation, involvement, keeping in character and the absolute sheer fun of it all! Can't wait for the next one.""

- Kathryn, Mike, Louise, Damian, Slyvia, John

"First time for us to see a murder mystery weekend and to be so involved. Full of admiration for the cast who had to ad-lib and remain in character. Thank you so much"

- Gaynor and Rob Dobson

"Twists and turns in the plot were great - still wasn't sure until the very end who did it. Enjoyed dressing up to be in keeping with the theme. Lots of laughs - brilliant group of perople, both cast and sleuths"

- Ange, Kerry, Kelly, Julie, Ruth and Helen

"Brilliant experience, really, really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. Kept us intrigued until the end - late nights with long debates. Professionally performed by everyone"

- 'The Potters' Jayne, Michael, Lianna and Lilian, Winners - eventually!

"Great evening had by all my family! Took my teenage son and his mate and the boys enjoyed it so much. They really got into it, harassing the suspects to gain info. It was so professionally done, so realistic to. It was our fist time. Thanks to the men in our group, we won. Thank you very much for a great evening. Look forward to seeing you all again soon."

- Carole Martin, Crewe Cheshire

"A team of tip-top actors mingled with diners to provide an evening that was as entertaining as it was intriguing. Top marks to the skilled performers from Murder Sleuths - Hurrah for them.
The show was, er, quite literally, bloody marvellous!"

- Mr Gnome, Warwick

"Thank you for a really enjoyable evening on Saturday evening, top marks for the cast."

- Maggie Bean

"An outstanding show last night. We have been to 8 murder evenings and this one was the best!"

- Gary & Ann O'Connor, Hatfield, Herts

"We attended our first murder mystery event and it was a superb night!!!!!!!! I haven't had as much fun in ages! Can't wait for the next event as I have some different friends who would love to come to the next one! I would love to hear about further events!"

- Kellyann Lees

"We really enjoyed last Friday's murder mystery!"
- Alyson Maidstone

"Enjoyed the evening, we can't wait for the next one!!!!"
- Lyn Dunne

"We really enjoyed the evening even more so as this was to celebrate our anniversary. I would love to hear of any future events which you are doing around the area. Thanking you for a great evening."

- Mrs V Bennett

"It was a brilliant night; even better as I won!!!"
- Dee Morgans

"Thank you for a wonderful and very entertaining evening!"
- Kerri Lindon

"It was a great evening and following recent events in our family, (I have just been diagnosed with cancer), it was wonderful to sit down with all my family and their partners and spend the evening laughing and having fun. Best medicine I have had for a long time."
- Brian Towe