The Investigation


All our plots are quite animated.  They usually contain: a brawl between two men; a catfight; water being thrown over a character; someone gets slapped; oh - and at least one dead body!

You can expect shouting; arguments between characters and some degree of bad language, but nothing vulgar.

Sherman Technologies

Ronald Sherman has invited customers and distinguished guests to a celebration dinner.
A great deal rests on the night being a success.

There are many secrets that will be revealed, no one likes to be humiliated, greed is a powerful motive - and someone expects more than their fair share of what they consider to be rightfully theirs.

Someone will have to die!
C & C Stationery

Charles Clarke has invited staff and friends to the annual C & C Stationery staff party - to celebrate another year of successful business.

However, all is not well within the Company; his wife wants to move abroad, the Auditors have found money missing, there is competition for the new position of Partner, there have been some sexual peccadilloes - and someone is found murdered!
Dickie Bow Extravaganza

It's 1959 and Birmingham City Council want to buy some land in the centre of the City to build the new Bullring Shopping Centre.  However the owner of the land won't sell as his 'extravaganza' is resident there.

Somebody in the show is ashamed of their past and has a secret they do not want exposed!

There is a lot of money to be made from the development, but before that happens, someone is killed!
The Squire and the village

Squire Willoughby has decided to sell off the listed buildings on his estate - evicting his tenants - just to raise cash to build a new health resort.

Many of the key villagers have secrets they would rather keep; new alliances will be tested and there are some old scores to be settled...
Elgin Sports

Elgin Sports are celebrating the opening of their first multi-leisure complex in this area.
Jonathon Elgin is the famous Olympic decathlete who has built the Elgin Empire on his reputation.

Someone's past is catching up with them.  Everyone has so much to lose; practically everyone has a motive to kill.
PDQ Productions

PDQ Productions have recently won a prestigious broadcast award for their latest documentary.

Someone is abusing a position of trust and confidence.  Secrets are about to be revealed, causing upset and distress.

A step too far means severe reprisals.

The Sutton Hampton's Actors Group - or SHAG - are holding a meal/meeting to discuss their next production.

SHAG's president and director has written a sitcom with the wardrobe mistress.

Some of SHAG's actors have parted with cash in return for 'special consideration' if the series is ever commissioned and broadcast.

JJ is SHAG's director, Vivette is his writing partner - Fiona, his wife!  Before Sister Clare flies off to Africa she needs to sort out matters of a personal nature; Becky's in love with SHAG's newest actor; stupid Len is ready to paint the sets; and SHAG's resident Dame has promised to turn up in his new dress!

All seems to be going so well!  But you know how pantomimes have a habit of turning into pandemonium.  Performing any production can be murder!
Wright Windows

Local philanthropist and businessman, Robert Wright, has generously organised a charity dinner.

Wright Windows is a very successful business.  HMRC think too successful...  What lies beneath the façade?  Could Wright Windows be under suspicion!  Who has an ulterior motive for being there?  All's fair in business - isn't it!

Robert often says "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few legs, sorry eggs!"
Linby cum Papplewick

Linby cum Papplewick is celebrating its anniversary.

Past pupils of the private school have been invited to attend the weekend celebrations.  Are you going to be there?

All is not well within the school walls.  A debt is owed and is overdue.  Historical events will have a profound impact on the school's future – and there are still some lessons to be learned…

An evening researching psychic phenomena turns into a truly paranormal experience when a TV psychic who believes he's the reincarnation of the last man to be burned alive in England, a white witch and a gifted clairvoyant all cross paths.

All of them are keeping a secret.  When these are exposed - people will be very upset; lives will be shattered - and someone will have to die...
Scala Theatre

Five years ago, the Gobblers Knob Players were performing a whodunit in the local church hall.  Reviews were good and attendance was high.  The patronage always liked a good whodunit...

However, tragedy struck when one of the characters was actually shot dead - murdered on stage!  With suspicion and concern running high, the investigation only served to exacerbate the discord and the troupe disbanded and went their separate ways.  The murder remained unsolved...

Now Gary Love, the Director, wants to reform the Gobblers.  Old rivalry, calumny and interpersonal clashes still abound; can it ever be the same again...
A date with destiny

Max Valentine, owner of the acclaimed introduction agency - Love's Great Adventure - is hosting a celebration dinner for past couples who met through LGA and potential singles who are thinking of joining the most dedicated introduction agency in the region.

However, someone is watching LGA's success with envy, spite and malicious intent.
Max used to work as a 'host' for Destiny Dating.  "...a rather more 'inferior' dating agency."

It can be bloody murder when an event doesn't go as planned...

People’s Radio FM (PR-FM 101.2)

The newly appointed Station Manager of People’s Radio FM has made it known sweeping changes are afoot.  This has caused considerable concern, consternation and outrage amongst some of the staff.

Someone’s past will be exposed causing significant distress, forcing the need for drastic action.  And someone else’s behaviour is about to catch up with them.

New brooms don’t always sweep clean…

Aunt Agnes’ Will

Aunt Agnes led an amazing life, full of adventure; from spy to honorary Sultâna to mixing with the world’s elite, including Hollywood – and that’s only part of her story.

She’s bequeathed many amazing gifts to her closest friends – have you been left anything?

Her memoirs are bound to reveal all…

The Savage Club

After successfully challenging the legal covenant restricting control of the Savage Club to men, Rosamund Savage has organised an informal dinner with a mind to discuss her intentions and to reveal her mystery guest of honour.  However, dissent is amongst the ranks of male members and they have organised a ‘sit-in’ at the club. 

Can Rosamund placate the ‘insurgents’?  Does she want to – or even care?  She has controlling interest and – for now – holds the prevailing balance of power…

The men are vehemently opposed to her taking over; the women, of course, are in support – with at least one exception… 

Revelations will have a profound and significant effect on the event’s outcome…

The Grand

Twenty years ago – after a run of more than seven years – The Grand – a twice weekly soap opera was taken off air due to, in part, dwindling ratings, the lack of investment in the production and a changing television climate.

Original cast members Jocasta DeVilleneuve, Fanny Drayton and Vernon Frost, along with new blood, Rupert Lightfoot and Dale Cooper will all be regularly appearing in a re-vamped version of the new show. 

Jocasta has reported receiving death threats.  Is this just showbiz hype or the real deal…?

Cuddly Dudley & the Screamers

Dudley Morrison - one half of the former duo the Farenhite Brothers - after more than 30 years in the music business wilderness, is experiencing a career revival.

He has organised a ‘mini tour’ of promotional soirées to further promote his resurgence.  He’s invited his ex singing partner Ted ‘Octane’ Jones who has previously refused to attend – is there still bad blood between them?

The two were once great friends - that is until the Skegness Fields Festival… at which the session drummer was found dead. 

Dudley’s ex wife, Lydia Jones, his manager Sam Jones and his old flame Tina Martin will all be there. 

The past is about to catch up with them all.  It will prove to be too much for someone to bear and they will be compelled to get even…

Barrington's Sweets

Barrington’s Sweets have recently won a prestigious award for their latest marshmallow innovation.  The Chairman, Eustace Barrington, has celebrated by organising a soiree. 

However, Barrington’s Sweets is in trouble.  Eustace has made some spectacularly poor decisions and near ruined the company.

The staff are still being paid – but for how long…  The stipend Board members have all agreed to take a reduction in salary to temporarily shore up the company.  Someone has offered a financial lifeline – but it comes with a price; a price Eustace is not willing to pay.

There is an alternative… Everything rests on this new marshmallow being a success; would you rest your future on marshmallows… 


The Parlour Recreation and Tiddlywinks Society - (PRATS) - meet to engage in a range of traditional parlour games but predominately tiddlywinks and marbles.

All games played by the PRATS are taken very seriously by their participants.  Members dedicate themselves to either tiddlywinks or marbles; who are affectionately known as Winkers or Marleys depending on their preferred game.

This year the trophy at stake is the Golden Wink.  Tournament competition is always fierce; foul play, underhand tactics, competitor knobbling and borderline cheating are all prevalent – that is expected – almost encouraged – and is all par for the course.  Relationships are strained and friendships tested.

No game or house rule is allowed to be broken, nothing illegal is permitted; but outside that, well, it’s open season…

The curse of Martha Corey

Following the once near extinction of the entire parish populace, the village of Pucklechurch has enjoyed centuries of idyllic existence.

For several centuries since, as the village re-grew, life for the inhabitants has been without major incident, with little in the way to rock the boat; life for the residents of the village of Pucklechurch could be described as tranquil.

With villagers seemingly enjoying good health; it has been noted as being one of the healthiest places in England to live. 

The perfect English village; that is until recent events brought to the fore a disturbing series of events; now things have taken a turn for the worse…  Hitherto, the particularly serene life in the village of Pucklechurch has always erroneously been attributed to the adherence to the folklore of The Curse of Martha Corey.

Hoggerhanger Hall

Hoggerhanger Hall is in turmoil.  The current owner June Fletcher can’t decide which of her grandchildren to leave the Hall to; Tara wants to turn the Hall into a spiritual retreat, her cousin Dean would rather the grounds become a theme park – one thing is for sure, until they can agree, Alex - (head of the Trust) - will look after the Hall’s interests.

June has recently updated her Will.  Greed, vengeance and self-serving interests are all in abundance; hidden agendas and deceit are plentiful – who will prevail?

Someone is prepared to callously murder innocent people to get what they want…

The 60 ciphers of Trouser Pete

Pete Townsend was destined for a diverse and rewarding life.  Although he died in penury he’d known wealth and good luck; he made his first fortune selling advertising hoardings in Australia; he sold speedboats to the wealthy in Monte Carlo; after the failure of his first marriage he bought a restaurant on Ibiza and turned it into one of the hottest places to be in the 80s.

For the last 5 years of his life, Pete bought jeans, (both sexes), female slacks, male trousers at wholesale and sold them for a quick turnaround on his market stall in the town – ever larger than life; this is where he earned the sobriquet ‘Trouser Pete’.

Choosing to live the latter half of his years in relative austerity, the 60 ciphers of trouser Pete is his motivation for a last act of restitution to make reparations for his selfishness, vanity, regrets and neglect.

Someone is just a little too rapacious and is willing to murder…

Galactic Federation

Super fans of the late 70s cult Sci FI show Galactic Federation have been invited to the prelude of the latest Galactic Federation Fan Club convention either because, they have a personal invite / they have won a GFFC members-only competition or they have been brought along as a guest of another…

The popularity of the show / conventions has garnered attention from an ‘anonymous TV exec’ who is rumoured to want to develop an all-new / revamped / re-imagined / re-booted version. 

All the remaining original core actors are opposed to this, believing that you should leave well alone; although the writing was first-rate, the show developed cult status – due in part – to its poor quality production values. 

None of the original actors want their current popularity diminished; diluted by a new, younger cast – “You can’t improve on a classic”.

Deep latent feelings will inexorably lead to murder…


The script, events and/or any material contained in any such plot remains the copyright of Murder Sleuths.

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